The Tower Test






Benvenuto nel Test Tower London  School, il nostro strumento online per conoscere le tue competenze linguistiche.

Svolgendo il test online, Tower London School ti offre una lezione gratuita e senza impegno per conoscere la nostra ampia offerta formativa: le nostre Teachers  madrelingua valuteranno insieme a te il test e il tuo livello, e ti consiglieranno il percorso didattico più adatto alle tue esigenze.

Il test si articola in 80 domande, che aumentano progressivamente di livello. Non preoccuparti se il test può risultare in alcune parti difficile, completalo e verifica le tue competenze linguistiche.

Enjoy The Test! 🙂

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1. _____________________ Italian?
2. My sister is ___________ doctor.
3. What ______________________________?
4. My mother _____________ in a bank.
5. What ___________________________ ?
6. He __________________ late.
7. _________________________ watches are very expensive.
8. Where __________________ your husband work?
9. I can _____________________ very well.
10. There _____________ some dishes in the cupboard.
11. Today I am tired, so, ______________________________
12. I start work _________ 9:00 ______ the morning.
13. __________________ you at home last week?
14. What ____________________________ to drink?
15. Do we need ______________ tomatoes ?
16. London is ______________ than Athens.
17. Peter _______________ to live in the U.S.A. next year.
18. I __________________ TV yesterday.
19. I study in a private school. Children ____________ wear an uniform.
20. I bought a ______________________________
21. I am going to Rome _______________ my friend Rose.
22. I am meeting my boyfriend's parents. What __________________ I take with me?
23. I love ___________________ when the weather is good!
24. A waiter is a person _____________ works in a restaurant.
25. __________________been to China?
26. Mary isn't here. She's gone to the cinema. She _____________ ten minutes ago.
27. What ___________________? I love studying new languages.
28. I _________________________ when I heard a strange noise coming from the living room.
29. I was in Thailand last summer.

- Great! ____________________________________
30. Where is Anne?

- I don't know. She may______________ upstairs.
31. Who _______________ the song Imagine?
32. Caroline isn't as _______________ as her sister.
33. Laura _________________ lots of people to her party yesterday.
34. Have you finished your work?

- No, I haven't finished it _____________
35. I have lived in this house ______________ 2010.
36. Don't forget ___________________ your uncle this evening.
37. If you ___________ an umbrella, you will get wet.
38. It's hot in here. I ______________ open the window.
39. I am always busy, but if I_________________ some time, I go out more.
40. I've passed the test! I am very _________________.
41. You don't need to go to the shop. We have ______________ food in the fridge.
42. She is the girl ___________ mother is a famous writer.
43. When I pass the driving test, I____________________ to drive.
44. Would you mind __________________ the door, please ?
45. I am very tired because I have _______________________housework all day.
46. It's very early. We _____________ hurry.
47. I was late, so, when I got to the party Fiona ________________.
48. I'm looking forward to _________________ on holiday.
49. I didn't _____________ have long hair but now I do.
50. You didn't tell her, _____________?
51. I'm going to India. I'll have to _____________ eating spicy food.
52. Last night Mary went out wearing her new dress. She ___________ stunning!
53. The plane took ________ more than five hours late.
54. Have you seen my bag?

- You ______________________ in the office but I am not sure.
55. She ___________ the house before we arrived.
56. If I had heard the news , I would _______________ about the accident.
57. His aunt __________________ after his parents died.
58. I am not watching the television. If you want you can ________________.
59. She was a bit upset. I think you should _______________.
60. This photo doesn't ____________ you. When did you take it?
61. We are late. By the time we get to the cinema the film will _________________.
62. This time next week, I_______________________ on the beach.
63. I have a stomachache. I wish I ________________ all that cake!
64. _____________________ of the rain, we went for a walk.
65. What she said was true, ____________it was rude.
66. It was ______________ beautiful day that we decided to eat out.
67. I _______________________ that topic because it wasn't on the test.
68. I don't want to go out. I'd rather __________________.
69. Don't believe a word she says. She's always ______________ stories.
70. My car broke down, so, I __________________at the mechanic.
71. It looks ____________ she's going to cry.
72. The meeting has been put _________ until next Monday.
73. That car is very expensive. I can't afford _______________ it.
74. In the end she admitted ___________ to the police.
75. There's no point ___________ about that problem now.
76. It is a fantastic place and the castle is ______________ visiting.
77. These trousers are too small. They don't ___________ me.
78. The police got here _____________ minutes of the emergency call.
79. That's a really ___________ song. Every time I hear it I can't get it out of my head.
80. If you want to know the irregular past verbs, you need to learn them by _____________